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    Yuzuru Hanyu - before and after winning gold in Sochi [x] [y]

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    Yuzuru Hanyu + Interview

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    Okajima moment in Come On A My House apreciation gifset  ♥

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  4. Birthday boy receives flowers and card in Hirunandesu!

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    Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki !

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  6. Instead of sucking in your cheeks and making a fish face to see the hollows of your cheeks when contouring (which can result in your contour being applied too close to your nose and looking muddy) try making a soft pout.


  9. What happens when teens are home alone

    1. According to social media: wild and crazy party time!
    2. Me: fuck yeah I can take my headphones off
  10. Happy Birthday Arioka Daiki

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