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    In which Senga gets rejected…twice. [Kisssssss! 2014.07.07]

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    So, a little while back flange5 was talking about Arashi’s “Oh Yeah!” and I mentioned that I had lyrics from it on my pitcher at my favorite bar.  She expressed interest in seeing it, so I snapped a few pics the last time I was there.  Close up (pic 1) is of the chorus, 「両手高く上げてこのほしを支えてうたた僕ら転移届け舞い上がれ oh yeah~ あの日に戻るとしても同じ道選ぶだろう一つに成れ舞い上がれ oh yeah, ちかずいてる~」。

    The other pictures follow around the pitcher (the blurred out part being my name), and yes, those are lyrics from “Flathead” by the Fratellis in all their “ba-dap ba ba-da-daa-daa~” glory and a line from Incubus at the top.  The kanji lyrics in orange on the 3rd picture were actually the first ones I put on there back in ‘07. My first Japanese anything fandom was Bleach (thus the many Bleach stickers on there), and I fell head-over-heels for “D-Technolife” by Uverworld on first listen. Those are the closing lines from the song「歪んだ記憶のような時の中でいつか解りあえるから」。

    Other lyrics on there include the chorus from NEWS’ “Happy Birthday” 「生まれたこと出会えたこと今そばにいれることありがとう、きみのHappy Birthday~一年い一同の魔法特別な日」, and a line from Arashi’s Boku ga Boku no Subete ありのままでもう一回歩き出そう悲しみ越えて、誰のでもない名もなき道を、明日もそう夢に向かって悩んで笑って笑って、今ここにいる僕が僕のすべてそれだけは変らない」。*note the incorrect kanji for 名もなき. This is what happens when you kanji drunk, folks.  Titular shout-outs to Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS, KAT-TUN, and Marvelous 3 also present. 

    For anyone curious, the “Hrdlicka Rules” is a throwback to Anthropological Theory classes in Grad School. Aleš Hrdlička is more-or-less known for being the first to take a “well PROVE IT” attitude to American Archaeological theory, and at one time we (Anthro grad students) actually had this emblazoned on the bar’s bathroom wall amidst a sea of other graffiti before they remodeled it and erased it forever. It lives on on my pitcher though.

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    Chiiiii~ XD (c) by me XD

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    Chibi Chii!! Kawaii ne~ :*

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  10. Tachibana Makoto on Free! Eternal Summer - episode one

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